Class PiDistributed.DistributedBinarySplittingPiCalculator

    • Constructor Detail

      • DistributedBinarySplittingPiCalculator

        public DistributedBinarySplittingPiCalculator​(Pi.BinarySplittingSeries series)
        Construct a distributed pi calculator with the specified precision and radix.
        series - The binary splitting series to be used.
    • Method Detail

      • getNodes

        public PiDistributed.Node[] getNodes()
        Get the available set of operation executor nodes. This implementation returns RemoteOperationExecutors, which execute operations on the cluster's nodes.
        The nodes of the cluster.
      • recombineNodes

        public PiDistributed.Node[] recombineNodes​(PiDistributed.Node[] nodes,
                                                   int numberNeeded)
        Attempt to combine or split nodes to form the needed number of nodes. The returned number of nodes is something between the number of nodes input and the number of nodes requested. The requested number of nodes can be less than or greater than the number of input nodes.
        nodes - The nodes to recombine.
        numberNeeded - The requested number of nodes.
        The set of recombined nodes.